Exhibition Radical Femininity at Gucci Museum, Florence, Italy

Events in Florence (March 14, 2014 – March 20, 2014)

Here we provide you with the weekly events happening in Florence. Our events guide provides you with all you need to know about music, art, cinema, markets, and many other activities going on in the city.

This week, the place to be for all designers, decor lovers, or simply curious people is Fair Salone di Firenze at Fortezza da Basso. Art lovers should also check out the exhibition Femminilità Radicale (Radical Femininity) going on at Gucci Museum.

Fair Pitti Taste 9, Florence, Italy

Events in Florence (March 7, 2014 – March 13, 2014)

We select for you the weekly events going on in Florence. In our events guide you can find music, art, cinema, markets, and much more happening in the city.

This week food lovers won’t want to miss the Fair Taste 9 at Stazione Leopolda. For art lovers we suggest that you attend the opening of the new exhibition Pontormo and Rosso Fiorentino. Diverging Paths of Mannerism at Palazzo Strozzi.

A sketch from Brioni Archives, Italy

The Italian Fashion House Brioni

Brioni is an Italian fashion house founded in 1945 that specializes in the sale of handmade suits. Robert Langdon, the main character from Dan Brown’s Inferno, wears a Brioni jacket throughout the course of his adventure.

Seeing Langdon in a Brioni suit, Marta Alvarez, the director of the Museum of Palazzo Vecchio in the novel, aptly comments on his attire as follows: “Very fashionable. You look almost Italian.”

Tiana kai Madera looking over Florence from the Duomo

Interview: Tiana Kai Madera

After analyzing Dan Brown’s novel Inferno, we at Florence Inferno have asked ourselves how the city of Florence is perceived by tourists and expats from abroad. How much do they know about the city? How do they perceive it?

To try to answer these questions, we have decided to interview some of the expats more active in the community of Florence, to discover what they do and how they live in the city.

Tomb of the Antipope Giovanni XXIII, Florence, Italy

The Antipope Giovanni XXIII and his Tomb in the Baptistry of Florence

Robert Langdon, the main character in Dan Brown’s Inferno, in describing the Baptistry of Florence was attracted to the suspended tomb of Antipope Giovanni XXIII (John XXIII). To Langdon, it seems that the antipope’s body lies in repose high up on the wall like a cave dweller or a subject in a magician’s levitation trick.

The real name of this tomb made of marble and bronze is Baldassare Coscia. It was created, according to the art historians, by the Italian sculptors Donatello and Michelozzo for the Florence Baptistry.