Dan Brown's Inferno

Inferno’s Characters: Bertrand Zobrist

Bertrand Zobrist is a fictional character created by American author Dan Brown, the main antagonist in Brown’s novel Inferno.

Zobrist is a genetic engineer and Swiss billionaire. He doesn’t appear physically in the narrative given that his suicide takes place prior to the novel’s events. Instead, he is only seen in flashbacks of other characters, like the Provost, the head of the Consortium, a shadowy consulting group.

The National Central Library of Florence, Italy

The National Central Library of Florence

Here at Florence Inferno we would like to make a particular mention to the special temple of knowledge that is the National Central Library of Florence.

Although not specifically mentioned in Dan Brown’s Inferno, we believe that Robert Langdon, the main character of that book, would have surely visited that library if he had more time at his disposal, perhaps to research something related to his studies on arts or maybe out of sheer curiosity.

Poster Exhibition Boccaccio Florence, Italy

Boccaccio: Author and Copyist

On the occasion of the seventh centenary of the birth of Giovanni Boccaccio (Florence(?), June, 1313 – Certaldo, December, 1375), the great Italian writer and poet mentioned by Dan Brown in his Inferno, the Laurentian Library in Florence is organizing, from October 11, 2013, to January 11, 2014, an exhibition of manuscripts entitled “Boccaccio Autore e Copista” (Boccaccio: Author and Copyist).