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Florence, Italy by Lex Kravetski CC BY 2.0

The Bridges of Florence

The City of Florence is divided in two by the river Arno, but its charming bridges give it a harmonious sense of continuity between the two sides. All of Florence’s bridges share centuries of history. The oldest and most famous is certainly Ponte Vecchio, mentioned by author Dan Brown in his novel Inferno. However, the other bridges are also important and noteworthy, given their stories, particularities, and that they have become real monuments.


Live in Lucca by Daniela Vladimiova CC BY 2.0

Events in Florence (June 26 – July 9, 2015)

Welcome to Florence Inferno, your favorite blog providing not only information on events occuring in Florence, but also an events guide to what’s happening in the city in terms of music, art, cinema, markets, and so much more. In this post, we have provided you with information on events taking place over the next two weeks, namely, from June 26 until July 9, 2015.

This week we make special mention of our fabulous lineup of concerts taking placen Tuscany during summer! Thanks to our wide range of festivals, concerts and cultural and special events, there is always something to do!


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