Piazza Grande, Arezzo

Arezzo: 5 Things to See and Taste

Arezzo is a great city in Tuscany that offers its visitors several attractions.

The heritage of Arezzo is not limited to its history; today, its beautiful surroundings offers scenery, art, and a great tradition of crafts and food.

Certainly, this city is worth more than one visit, or more than one day, but for those short on time, here are 5 must-see stops.

Baptistery of Florence dress by Emilio Pucci

In Florence the Fashion Wears the Art

Florence, Tuscany with its architectural and artistic masterpieces attracts millions of visitors each year. Florence is considered by many as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but is also renowned for being the city that gave birth to Haute Couture. The latest trend is to combine art and fashion: for example, an…

Maestro del tondo Miller-Nativity-Madonna of the Ufo in Hall of Ercules

The Painting “Madonna of the UFO”

The ‘’Madonna of the UFO’’ or ‘’Madonna of the flying saucer’’ is a painting located in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence in the Hall of Hercules. Also called “Madonna and Child with the Infant St John”, the painting has been the topic of much debate between art experts and ufologists. While the painting depicts the Nativity with the…


The English Cemetery

The English Cemetery is located just outside the historic center of Florence, in the Donatello square, where was once one of the gateways to the city, the Porta Pinti. In 1827 the area was sold by the grand-ducal government to the Reformed Church of Switzerland and enlarged in 1860 after the purchase of an additional…


The Stibbert Museum & Villa : Romanticism and Esoterism

A nineteenth-century villa surrounded by an enchanted garden teeming with fountains, statues, and temples in the romantic style and sprinkled with esoteric references.

We are talking about Florence’s Stibbert Museum, where you will find a vast collection of ancient weapons and disparate art objects. Although Robert Langdon didn’t visit this place in Dan Brown’s Inferno, we are sure that the Harvard professor would have loved it very much.